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Camps in Remote Areas

The oil, gas and mining industries need turn-key rural housing and storage solutions to accommodate their workforce and for the storage of equipment and machines. Drilling contractors and service companies turn to Cabicon Containers to construct storage and living accommodations using repurposed shipping containers. These sturdy, secure and wind and water tight structures offer an ideal base structure to modify into any accommodation configuration needed.

Oil Field Camps

This mobile multi-building design uses repurposed shipping containers to develop a turn-key workforce housing solution. This man camp village is designed to provide accommodations in remote areas. Varying options of layout and building function are available. Each ISO shipping container can be modified to support a comfortable living environment in remote areas. The repurposed shipping containers can be configured to include multiple joined containers with open or partitioned living space, hookups for plumbing, electricity and insulation with HVAC for climate control. Delivery is available and no structural foundation beyond a level surface is needed.

Oil Field Camps Building Configuration Solutions

These buildings can be added always keeping the needs of your remote workforce in mind.

  • Sleeper units housing multiple bunks
  • Dining facilities
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Shower Facilities
  • Multi-Purpose Office
  • Recreation Room
  • First Aid Building
  • Climate Controlled Storage