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Specially designed as per customer’s specification, our portable, multi-functional bunk houses are primarily used for project site offices and other applications. These Creative Containers are ideally suited for EPC companies or project sites for oil exploration companies.

Self-contained optimally furnished bunk houses offer entire range of products for project site and similar requirements.

  • Work Site offices
  • Conference hall
  • Field accommodation
  • Kitchen and Toilet containers
  • Dining room and Camp Lodging
  • Recreation centre
  • Communication modules
  • Storage of food grain / perishables
  • Workshop
  • Control tower
  • General Store
  • Laboratories, Dispensaries, Medical and emergency clinics
  • Auxiliary space for game rooms, music studios, exercise rooms, tack rooms, workshops, home offices, storm shelters, wine cellars, tool sheds, etc.
  • Concession stands
  • Disaster shelters and temporary housing
  • Sleeping quarters for fire-fighters
  • Overflow for prisons and Migrant worker housing
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Shower houses, offices, and activity centers at parks